Max Planck Florida Institute - The Max Planck Florida Institute (MPFI) seeks to provide new insight into important biological questions using innovative experimental and theoretical methodologies. Research at the Max Planck Florida Institute focuses on bioimaging, using the most advanced techniques to visualize microscopic molecular processes.

Max Planck Society - The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science is an independent, non-profit research organization. The research institutes of the Max Planck Society perform basic research in the interest of the general public in the natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

Integrative Biology and Neuroscience - The Integrative Biology PhD program of Florida Atlantic University has teamed up with Max-Planck Florida Institute to create a new Program in Integrative Biology and Neuroscience (IBAN). The IBAN program is a PhD in Integrative Biology with the emphasis in Neuroscience offering a broad range of training. In addition to the FAU/MPFI faculty, several affiliate neuroscience faculty from Scripps-Florida and Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies will provide unusual opportunities for post-baccalaureate work. Graduate students can enter the Molecular Neurobiology Group via the Integrative Biology and Neuroscience Program hosted by FAU and Max Planck Florida Institute.

Auditory Neuroscience

Association for Research in Otolaryngology


Samuel M. Young, Jr., Ph.D
Max Planck Research Group Leader
Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Function
One Max Planck Way
Jupiter, FL 33458

(561) 972-9402 (office)
(561) 972-9403 (lab)

Fax: (561) 972-9001


Post Doc Candidate